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The Gorge is Gorgeous!

Hello Hikers! The Columbia River Gorge is looking really good this year with all of our spring rain. The recent May monsoon provided quite the show for myself and a friend as we hiked on the Rowena Plateau, at the Tom McCall Preserve. This was a day of 87 degrees mid-day, overcast during the early afternoon and thunderstorms, []

Photographer helped save Opal Creek

The Statesman Journal today published an article on how my 1989 photograph of Opal Creek was instrumental in designating the area as the Opal Creek Wilderness and Opal Creek Scenic Recreation Area (over 34,000 acres combined). Zack Urness writes…”Olson bushwhacked up Opal Creek for five days, making pictures as he went…. the picture he captured []

Super Bloom, Columbia River Gorge

Update 5/26/16 Friends, Your responses to this blog post was off the charts! Thank you for your overwhelming support through your recent visits to my site… 564 visitors at last count! I believe this interest reflects the need and desire for preserving our open spaces. In honor of your tremendous support and interest, I am []

Protect Cedar Mesa, Utah

Utah Legislators may drill and mine at these Ancestral Ruins The Cedar Mesa cliff dwellings are currently unprotected, anyone can approach these Ancestral Puebloan ruins. Some are there to embrace them, but some have chosen to deface them. Having just returned from 10 days in Cedar Mesa, I am convinced that this area should be []


GREAT NEWS from Frank, Hi everyone,  I received this news on our paradox(white/black) walnut tree after attending and representing the voices of the neighborhood at Saturdays city urban forestry councils last minute meeting.We seem to have received the perfect amount of positive attention by the City in regards to our tree . We had enough of []

How may arborists does it take to save a tree?

My neighbor called the other day to ask my help in saving a huge walnut tree planted in the late 1800’s. The tree stands on private property and a developer wants to cut it down to build an apartment complex. The canopy stretches over 6 households and the tree is thought to have been propagated []